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Saltmarsh Seafood LLC.

photo credit: Ken Stuart

Providing Fresh Local Caught Seafood & Bait

Support Local Fisherman

We are a locally owned family business, providing fresh caught seafood to our community. Our main products are Lobsters and fin fish. Support your local fisherman today and enjoy the Boat to Table experience, 

Saltmarsh Seafood also provides the freshest baits to our fellow fisherman. Fresh and frozen baits available for pick up and Delivery on Cape Cod. 


Fresh Lobsters.

Season: May- Oct

Located in Sandwich

(canal area)

market price $$

Sea Clams

Our sea clams are sold to local clam plants which are then processed and sold to local markets and restaurants. So we Thank You for ordering all those fried clams around Cape Cod. 

Got Bait?

We Do! and we got what the fish want! Our wholesale bait truck offers a full menu of fresh and frozen bait to help you land that catch!

Order Here!

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